Egypt 2014




We went to Egypt to expend the New Year eve 2013 / 2014




We were looking for some place different, close to Poland, at least flying from Warsaw




We were looking for some place warm, to leave the cold winter of Poland and find a place with sunshine, beaches and sea.

We chose Marsa Alam, the south part of Egypt.




The hotel was huge but from its capacity of more than 700 people, there was no more than 15. It was very low season.




We made almost all the excursions we should do.

From scuba diving, excursion to the desert and ride quads.





We went by camel to visit a Bedouin family. They really live without electricity, gas, toilet, and most important for my kids: Without PSP or Xbox.




They gave us to drink tea, and we could talk with them for a while and take some photos.




None woman joint us in any moment. They were inside of the houses working or cooking.

In the way, we ridded the camels alone in the beach




In this part of Egypt there is only  few hotels, and the rest is still desert. None walking, none car. You can walk kms and kms on the beach without see anybody.




Of course we made scuba diving. One of our preferred sport, and the Read Sean is without doubts, the best place to do i.




The kids made the Junior Open Water certification, so we could go the four together and enjoy every day under water.




You can watch a shot video of our holidays in Marsa Alam

YouTube homeYouTube homeYouTube homeYouTube homeYouTube home



Meanwhile, we must wait till our next holidays, which hopefully will be very soon in our Croatia.










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